National Quiz Competition by Udaan Empowerment Trust, Delhi [Online; Age Group of 15 to 35 & Cash Prizes of Rs. 10k]: Apply Now!

Submission of entries invited from the age group of 15 to 35 for the National Quiz Competition by Udaan Empowerment Trust, Delhi.

About Udaan Empowerment Trust

Udaan Empowerment Trust was established in December 2017 with a mission to empower visually challenged individuals and provide them with limitless opportunities. The trust’s objective is to create a world that is inclusive and supportive of people with disabilities, where they can live with dignity and respect.

To achieve this mission, the trust has launched various initiatives that cater to the diverse needs of the visually impaired community. Under Udaan Empowerment Trust, their pet project is Radio Udaan, which provides a platform for visually challenged people to share their stories and experiences.

The trust also launched a matrimonial assistance program, Udaan Idol, and Udaan Idol Little Champs to enhance the musical flair of persons with disabilities.

To further promote awareness and inclusion, Udaan Empowerment Trust launched an awareness campaign and went door to door, shop to shop, and village to village to spread awareness about recent schemes and policies of the government.

The trust also collaborates with Mitra Jyothi to produce INSITE MAGAZINE, a braille magazine for visually impaired individuals.

About the Competition

Udaan Empowerment Trust is excited to announce the upcoming season of the National Quiz Competition, following the tremendous success of the previous edition. If you have a knack for quizzes, this competition is your chance to showcase your skills. It is open to all, providing an inclusive platform to everyone who loves answering questions.

Eligibility Criteria

The competition is open to individuals between the ages of 15 to 35.


  • The winners of the quiz will receive cash prizes of 5100, 3100, and 2100, respectively. Additionally, winners of each episode will receive a consolation prize.
  • All participants will be awarded an e-certificate.

How to Submit?

Interested candidates can submit their entries through this link.

Note:  Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The first 100 registrations will receive priority.

Contact Information

For any queries, please send an email to danish[dot]mahajan88[at]gmail[dot]com.

Click here to view the official notification of the National Quiz Competition by Udaan Empowerment Trust.

Don’t miss this opportunity to challenge your mind and defeat your competitors in an exciting national quiz competition.

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